Fees :        Rs. 700  per hour  (Classroom/Online)

Minimum 10 sessions at a time.

PRIVATE HOME TUTION  Rs. 700 per hour
(within 7 Kms of Mulund.)

Location :  E 204  REDWOOD, VASANT GARDEN, MULUND (W), MUMBAI, 400080.

Call / Whatsapp :  +91 97693 94884
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Email :  shivdasananil@gmail.com


  1. Introduction to KEYBOARD,
    Key Buttons : Voice, Song, Style,
    Understanding the Buttons of the Keyboard.
    Music in Indian style, Italian and Western Style.
    Understanding the Black and White Keys on the Keyboard and Label them.
    Filling up of all the Notes on the Blank Keyboard Sheet,
    Practice from 1st Fret to 9th Fret on all the Strings with 4 Frets at a time.
    Practicing 17 Plain Notes in the first 3 Frets.
  2. What is a Scale ? 12 Major Scales, Finding them  using Formula,
    Scale Practice on KEYBOARD  at different Starting Points.
    C-Major Scale at 3 different Positions on the Keyboard.
    Finger Exercises to build strength and Mobility.
    Using Correct fingers to Play Scale Up and Down.
    How to Play Melody of a Song using C-Scale ?  (1st 3 Frets)
    Practice Songs to Understand to Play Melody of a Song using Major Scale..
  3. 12 Minor Scales, Finding them using Formula and using Major Scale. Practicing Minor Scales on the Fret Board. Practicing at Different Starting Strings. Pattern formed with each Starting String.
    Finding Relative Minors of Major Scales.  Forming Circle of Fifths.
    Practice Songs to Understand to Play Melody using Minor Scales.
  4. CHORDS : Major Chords, Minor Chords and 7th Chords. Chord Inversions, Using Fills, Intro, Outro.
    36 Chords and How to Play them a) Together and b) Broken Chords Arpeggio.
    Switching Chords from one Chord to another smoothly using Left hand.
    Practicing Chords and Chord Switching through simple Chord Progressions.
    Practice Songs using Major, Minor and 7th Chords.
  5. Chord Inversions for Major , Minor and 7th Chords.
    4/4 and 3/4 Patterns while Playing Chords.
    3 Points to remember while Playing : Beat count, Speed and Accuracy.
    Practicing Songs using Chords (Left hand) and Melody (Right hand)
  1. Practice Songs using Chord Inversions. Eg. C , F ,G , C
    Practicing  Songs using Major and Minor Scales.
  2. Singing and Playing Keyboard .
    Practicing Hindi / English  Songs with Singing and Chords Strumming. 

Total of 25 Songs will be Played during the Course    (Melody + Chords)

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